a diverse group of people giving high fives
a diverse group of people giving high fives

Foster inclusive educational spheres

Inclusive learning spaces enhance students' performance and cognitive empathy, ability to flexibly navigate a globalized transcultural world, and contribute to reduced (gendered) division in occupations such as STEM.

exposure to diversity in education leads to a 25% increase in cultural competency and a rise in creative problem-solving skills

Studies have shown that inclusive learning environments have a profound impact on personal and professional development of children and teens, and therewith also on the broader society and labor market.
On the other hand, teachers and educators are confronted with rising diversity in classrooms, but are seldomly trained in how to accommodate DEIB principles in their classes.

My trainings are targeted at school children and teachers, assisting them with tools, knowledge and practical exercises in fostering inclusive environments.


Inclusive Teaching


This workshop is particularly targeted towards educators, teachers, educational staff and pedagogues ranging from elementary schools to high schools and beyond.
You will develop cultural competency, address implicit biases and implement practices that allow diverse students to engage, nurture their potential, and celebrate everybody's unique strenghts and contributions.

I acknowledge that educators are in a unique triad of expectations from students, parents and the school system, and will thus provide you with some strategies to cope with potential arising conflicts and dissonance.

Who is this for?
What you will get:
  • (preparatory call)

  • introduction to biases

  • introduction to diversity dimensions and intersectionality

  • Deep Dive into classism / socio-cultural heritage

  • managing expectations: stereotyping and its lasting influence on children

  • how do I deal appropriately with children that seek asylum?

  • introduction to inclusive language in the classroom

  • same same, but different: how to acknowledge and support individual needs

  • conflict management

  • (feedback call)

Combine with:

This workshop is designed for classes in different age groups and introduces the topics of diversity and allyship in a playful, child-friendly way.

Who is this for?
What you will get:
  • (preparatory call)

  • playful and yet impactful exercises to understand diversity, inclusion and supportive language

  • exercises to train consent and practice allyship towards other children

  • all that we share-exercises

  • (feedback call)


Inclusive Classrooms

Individualized Offer - Tailored to Your Needs

Each service is tailored according to your individual and organizational needs and goals.

After you have submitted the form, I will design an offer and an individual checklist to make sure that we will have all your requirements and wishes covered. In a preliminary talk, we can get to know each other, make adaptions to the offer and finalize our work together.

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The more specific the information you provide, the better - however, do not worry if you do not know some of the parameters yet. We will talk about everything in detail on our first call.

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