Master DEIB through Leading with Empathy

Transform your leadership style to foster an inclusive team culture of appreciation - both for others, as well as yourself.

Swana Schuchmann, a diversity trainer, in a red jacket and glasses, smiling
Swana Schuchmann, a diversity trainer, in a red jacket and glasses, smiling

...perceived 'bad' leadership is the no. 1 reason for employees to quit their job

Studies have shown that ineffective leadership is a major factor in employee disstatisfaction: approximately 75% of employees voluntarily quit their job due to issues related to their supervisor(s) or manager(s).
To address this critical challenge of losing top talent and risking the overexertion of leaders, trainings are specifically designed to support you in transforming your leadership style. The aim is to help leaders cultivate empathy, enhance communication skills, and apply tools and strategies to foster a positive work atmosphere. Because the good news is: Empathetic leadership correlates to 50% more productive teams, and 40% lower turnover rate. Prioritize both leaders' and employees' engagement and well-being and fulfill a leadership role in which you thrive, too.


Inclusive Leadership


Managers and supervisors with team responsibility who aim to lead a highly productive and diverse team in which everyone feels seen, appreciated and connected to colleagues as well as the organization.

Prior knowledge of diversity dimensions, biases and different forms of discrimination is required.

Who is this for?
What you will get:
  • (preparatory call)

  • different forms of discrimination

  • introduction to biases and their impact on workers

  • emotions at work: how to deal with dismay, resistance and frustration

  • focus on impact rather than intent: allyship as a leader

  • tools for inclusive conversational culture

  • basic introduction to the management of
    diverse teams: Toolbox

  • (feedback call)

Combine with:

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two people of color sitting on a couch, chatting
two people of color sitting on a couch, chatting

You finished the workshop and now feel energized to transform your leadership style and team? Great!
Schedule virtual (flexible) 1:1 check-ins to talk confidentially about current and target states of your team and leadership, conflicts that arose, and how to tackle individual challenges. As sparring partners, we will work together on solutions, new ideas, and train your skills in empathetic leadership and inclusive intelligence. Get the maximum
out of your team, apply in-depth methods and exercises, while also prioritizing your
and your employees well-being. You got this!

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