Swana Schuchmann in a red jacket and glasses
Swana Schuchmann in a red jacket and glasses

Words matter. Find the right ones.

Sensitivity Readings are a crucial component of responsible content creation. They ensure that diverse experiences and identities are portrayed accurately and respectfully in internal as well as external communication materials.

Partnering with me offers insights into creating content that resonates with a broader audience and connects with your target group.

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a large orange circle with white background

Sensitivity Readings are careful reviews of both written word as well as imagery that help identify potential issues related to stereotypes, biases, and cultural inaccuracies, ultimately promoting inclusivity.

What are Sensitivity Readings?

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an yellow graphic that looks like a splash of paint

Types of Sensitivity Readings
My Sensitivity Readings usually cover all core diversity dimensions and issues of accessibility. You can choose which areas to focus on based on your project's specific needs.

Who Can Benefit From Sensitivity Readings?
Any organization, educational institution, publishers, authors, PR managers or individuals seeking to create inclusive and culturally sensitive content.
I tailor my services to suit a wide range of projects and industries.

Which materials do you offer Sensitivity Reading for?
I review scripts, research papers, online presence and external representation, marketing campaigns, internal communication such as guidelines, policies, code of conduct, and teaching materials for discrimination-sensitive language and imagery (photos, illustrations, etc.).

How to Request a Sensitivity Reading
To request a Sensitivity Reading or inquire about my services, simply reach out to me through the contact form below or via email.
I am looking forward to helping you create more inclusive content!

Pricing and Turnaround Time
The pricing structure is designed to accommodate a variety of projects and budgets. You can expect timely feedback and turnaround times that meet your project deadlines.
For detailed pricing information, please get in touch with me.

My goal is to support you in creating content that upholds ethical standards in content creation, and prevents the perpetuation of harmful stereotypes and misrepresentation - so that everyone can see themselves accurately represented in your work.

Swana Schuchmann in a white jacket and orange pants, writing into a notebookSwana Schuchmann in a white jacket and orange pants, writing into a notebook

You are interested in the service? Great!
Now it's time to get in touch - at best via contact form below.
In a following videocall, we will get to know each other, talk about expectations, time frame, and the aspects you critically want me to review.

Afterwards, I will send you an individualized offer.


Submit & Evaluation

After we agreed on the terms, you submit the relevant content.
Rest assured that your submitted material is handled with the utmost confidentiality during and after the Sensitivity Reading process.


You will receive comprehensive feedback, concrete suggestions, and recommendations to enhance your content's inclusivity, either in a written report or in a final workshop (or both).

Let's talk

Combine with:

I assess your submitted content (visuals and text) and identify areas that may require adjustment to improve sensitivity and accessibility.

What do clients say?

”Swana Schuchmann’s sensitivity reading of our Healing Classrooms handbook gave us the opportunity to further develop our work and our existing approaches. Her excellent report, that was very detailed and comprehensive, provided us with many helpful suggestions to eliminate stereotypes, bias and potentially harmful illustrations and descriptions. The communication has always been appreciative and we are grateful for the cooperation that has encouraged us to continue to critically review our materials. We would always work with Swana again!”

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Let's get this started!

I am thrilled to working with you on your DEIB journey!

Please fill out the form.

The more specific the information you provide, the better - however, do not worry if you do not know some of the parameters yet. We will talk about everything in detail on our first call.

I am looking forward to our collaboration and wish you a wonderful day!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.