Foster a Culture of Belonging

Customized services to transform your team into Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) Champions and your organization into a welcoming and appreciative space for everyone.

a photo of Swana Schuchmann with short hair, a white blazer and glasses, smiling
a photo of Swana Schuchmann with short hair, a white blazer and glasses, smiling

All humans matter.


A human-centered economy that values everyone's well-being is the goal.

a group of diverse people walking hand-in-hand
a group of diverse people walking hand-in-hand

Sounds dreamy? Well, not if we work together!

I help building organizational and team cultures where individuals share their ideas, thoughts and experiences, contribute to constructive communication that allows everyone to participate and contribute their best, and promote a sense of responsibility for one's own as well as other's well-being.

Diversity encompasses and recognizes a broad spectrum of identities, characteristics, perspectives and backgrounds that individuals bring.





Ensuring fairness and impartiality in access, opportunities, and outcomes, equity aims to address systemic imbalances and provide resources to level the playing field.

Inclusion is the active process of creating an environment where all individuals are able to thrive, contribute and participate fully.

Belonging reflects an environment where individuals feel truly seen, heard and valued, and can bring their true and authentic selves.

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Trainings & Keynotes

Deliver authentic messages with your content that resonate with diverse audiences while avoiding unintentional biases or stereotypes

Comprehensive and engaging DEIB trainings and process support equip you with the tools to assess, strategize and implement impactful DEIB initiatives and enhance teamwork.


Customized training

Services are designed to be flexible and adaptable. They are tailored to align with your unique organizational goals, needs, priorizations and - in the case of trainings - attendees' prior knowledge.

Multi-methods approach

Combining theory and practice, a unique blend of a strong academic foundation, real-life cases and practical solo-, partner- and team exercises is applied to ensure dynamic, interactive and sustainable learning experiences.

a large orange circle with a white background
a large orange circle with a white background

Whether you are a (non-profit or profit) organization, school or educational institute - I provide customized services for your specific goals and DEIB purposes.

Why DEIB matters for you.


Empirical data shows that DEIB initiatives enhance collaboration, creativity, innovation, and ability to react to change. Indeed, DEIB-committed organizations' sales not only increased by 19%, their employees also reported higher job satisfaction, positive mental health outcomes, and boosted team productivity. DEIB endeavors are correlated to better retention rates in organizations and furthermore position you on the top echelons of attractive employers for current and future skilled work forces, gaining a competitive edge in today's labor market.

In today's highly diverse and rapidly changing VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity) world, organizations face significant challenges related to innovation, adaptability, teamwork, creative problem-solving, and talent attraction.
Diversity brings a wealth of perspectives, skills and experiences that fuel growth and innovation. But: it needs to be accompanied by a proactive and collective DEIB strategy. If teams and individuals fail to create inclusive environments and a culture of belonging, conflicts and frustrations within teams can rise, and a vast array of great ideas remains untapped. In the worst case scenario, it may even result in loss of market shares, talented professionals migrating to other competitors, or legal disputes.

Challenge? Lets call it potential.

Not quite sure how I can assist you yet?
Here's a non-exhaustive list of DEIB training outcomes for food-of-thought:

  • more clarity regarding avoiding harmful language and practices, different forms of discrimination, and legal requirements of DEIB

  • development of empathic leadership practices, application of inclusive communication skills, and improvement of internal conflict management - all of which contribute to a positive working atmosphere, better retention rates, joy at work, and productivity

  • addressing internal and external target groups authentically and successfully

Outcomes of my services
a group of diverse people standing cheering and looking happy
a group of diverse people standing cheering and looking happy
a group of diverse people lifting up a light bulb
a group of diverse people lifting up a light bulb

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a photo of Swana Schuchmann, wearing a white blazer, smilinga photo of Swana Schuchmann, wearing a white blazer, smiling

I am a freelance diversity trainer with an academic background in Sociology (M.A.), Sinology, Anthropology and Gender Studies.
I combine recent and scientifically reliable data with creative ways of knowledge transfer, great enthusiasm and a focus on psychological safety.

I go by no or they/their pronouns.

Hi, I'm Swana!
Lovely to meet you!

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What do clients say?

”Swana Schuchmann’s sensitivity reading of our Healing Classrooms handbook gave us the opportunity to further develop our work and our existing approaches. Her excellent report, that was very detailed and comprehensive, provided us with many helpful suggestions to eliminate stereotypes, bias and potentially harmful illustrations and descriptions. The communication has always been appreciative and we are grateful for the cooperation that has encouraged us to continue to critically review our materials. We would always work with Swana again!

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”The online workshop on "Diversity and Allyship" provided our project team with the opportunity to delve deeper into internalized societal norms and our own privileges. Swana successfully created a very comfortable, empowering, and sensitive space for all participants. Communication was always respectful, and we are grateful for the collaboration and the new perspectives it opened up for us, both personally and for our project. We wholeheartedly recommend Swana."

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Sophie Mrozynski
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Sensitivity Readings

Diversity & Allyship Workshops