Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging

Learn more about Unconscious Biases, Diversity, Allyship, Empowerment and Power-Sharing in interactive and individualized (teambuilding) trainings.

We all have biases.

Unconscious bias trainings help organizations to identify and address the hidden biases that can impact decision-making and create barriers to inclusivity.
When team members, employees and managers are aware of their biases, they are better equipped to recognize them and take steps to mitigate their impact.

Let's learn how to manage them in an unharmful way.

Unconscious Bias Training


This workshop is for companies, organizations, teams, HR departments and/or people with personnel responsibility that want to understand how biases affect team collaboration, hiring and promotion processes, and want to commit to promote diversity on every layer of the employee life cycle.

Who is this for?
What you will get:
  • (preparatory call)

  • biases explained: A brief journey through human history and psychology

  • how do I recognize and counteract biases?

  • train your anti-bias muscle

  • biases in recruiting and promotion

  • (feedback call)

Combine with:

We are all diverse.

Are you a parent? Do you have family members that live with a disability, e.g. due to advanced age? Is your child neurodivergent? Do you have co-workers from other cultures?
Diversity impacts us all. In trainings, you'll learn more about which dimensions intersect in your lived experience, train empathy for those who are affected by other dimensions, and understand their reflection on institutional and structural levels.

Learn more about diversity dimensions and how they affect you and others.

Understanding Diversity


Companies, organizations, departments and teams that do not have an established diversity management yet and want to learn more about what diversity actually is, why it matters and why it is so complex. You will understand that diversity dimensions affect you, too, and why it should be in everybody's interest to foster a more inclusive work culture and environment.

Who is this for?
What you will get:
  • (preparatory call)

  • civersity as a business case

  • civersity as a human case

  • introduction to all core diversity dimensions

  • theory and practice of Intersectionality

  • interactive exercises to encourage a change of perspective on respective dimensions (you set the focus)

  • (feedback call)

Combine with:

Diversity X
Design Thinking


Companies, organizations, departments, teams, Diversity and Equal Opportunity Officers, as well as HR professionals that have already attended Unconscious-Bias-Trainings, are 'fluent' in all dimensions of diversity and now want to get started with a profound DEIB strategy.

Who is this for?
What you will get:
  • (preparatory call)

  • prepare the organization for sustainable change

  • change management & organizational development 101

  • what data should I collect and what should I prioritize?

  • develop your DEIB strategy: project management meets design thinking

  • toolbox: starting points for your diversity management

  • (feedback call)

Combine with:

Allyship is crucial for inclusive spaces.

Allyship can only thrive in organizations that employ an open feedback culture, apply healthy conflict management and take education on DEIB matters seriously.
In allyship trainings, we will talk about specific tools you can apply to cultivate a workplace culture where all employees feel supported and empowered to support others.

Organizational allyship does not only contribute to improved visibility within communities, risen employee satisfaction and motivation through functioning support systems - ultimately, it also positively affects retention rates.

Organizational Allyship


Companies, organizations, teams, authorities and educational institutions that want to establish a safe and supportive workplace culture.

Who is this for?
What you will get:
  • (preparatory call)

  • what does Allyship mean?

  • stand up! (how) can I do that and should I do that?

  • concrete toolbox with tips for everyday life

  • critical whiteness and critical masculinity

  • train your anti-bias-muscle

  • (feedback call)

Combine with:

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Each service is tailored according to your individual and organizational needs and goals.

After you have submitted the form, I will design an offer and an individual checklist to make sure that we will have all your requirements and wishes covered. In a preliminary talk, we can get to know each other, make adaptions to the offer and finalize our work together.

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